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Fuvahmulah is home to the most prolific marine life on the planet, earning itself the accolade “the most beautiful island in the Maldives.” it has been declared as a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve.

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Our Story

As the very first person to start diving in Fuvahmulah, Lonu brings a wealth of knowledge regarding diving conditions and marine life, guaranteeing you the safest and most thrilling underwater experience Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Dive has to offer. Take a dive with this pioneer of exploratory diving in Fuvahmulah and discover the wonders of the aquatic world. Whether you are an expert scuba diver or a novice diver, Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Dive will ensure you have the skills and confidence you need to experience the exhilarating feeling of diving in Fuvahmulah. Nasheed Lonu Owner
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Here are some of the best captures from our past dives. Expect to see something similar on your visit.


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Expect to see

These are the types of fishes and sea creatures that you can expect to see on your dive with us in Fuvahmulah.

Tiger Shark

Chances of seeing:Very High Season:Year-round

Black Oceanic Manta

Chances of seeing:High Season:Year-round

Thresher Sharks

Chances of seeing:High Season:Year-round

Whale Shark

Chances of seeing:High Season:Jan-May

Your safety

Safety is our number one priority, therefore we have invested heavily in infrastructure, equipment and timely maintenance. We use standard scuba diving equipment which we inspect every day. tanks, BCD, regulators, masks, fins, dive computers are well looked after by our team. The air you breathe is from a Bauer PE-MVE 250 compressor, a German engineering which ensures you are breathing clean air from our scuba tanks. We check each and every diver with a medical questionnaire, just to make sure they are fit for diving in our environment. A physician's letter will be mandatory for those who have underlying health conditions. We follow safe diving practices; every diver must have standard scuba equipment for all the dives including dive computer. A safety stop or any other stop suggested by the dive computer is mandatory during our dives. According to Maldives Scuba Diving regulation the maximum depth allowed is 30 meters. We start our dives with a briefing of the dive site, the topology of what you are going to see, nature of the local currents and how to navigate with our dive guides. At the end of each and every dive we do a debriefing to highlight the dive. We help you to improve and streamline on your scuba adventures. Since we are below the equator and there is no surrounding island nearby Fuvahmulah, we will give you full instructions on the nature of the environment here. We do not practice scuba diving in extreme or hazardous weather conditions which will jeopardize your adventure. Scuba diving is fun and exciting when done right and safely.


We offer the best packages for international travellers. We can arrange airport transfers from Malé to Fuvahmulah, and our representatives will be there to assist you on your arrival.

Photo Gallery

Here are some of the best captures from our past dives. Expect to see something similar on your visit.


We take good care of those who dive with us, who almost always end up becoming our friends who visit us year after year.

Ныряю только с этим дайвцентром..они реально лучшие, как в дайвинге, так и в организации вашего пребывания на острове.
Translation: I only dive with this dive centre.. they are really the best, both diving and in organising your stay on the island. Marina Monaco
We had a great stay in Fuvamulah. Especially diving with local dive expert Lonu we enjoyed diving with Tiger sharks and Thresher sharks. With this guy you feel that he knows every corner of this amazing Island. I am looking forward to get back there...
Alex Anders
Tiger shark diving with the legendary Lonu the best tiger shark men in the business...
Andrew Pinto